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I-502 Specialists - A Cost Effective Staffing Solution


Need 5 or more workers? We provide experienced team managers to streamline the process.

Our employees have great experience in areas of: 

  • Indoor & Outdoor Setup (Greenhouse/Hoophouse Assembly, Mixing Soil/Nutrients, Setting Up Lights, Trellises, Irrigation Systems, etc.)
  • Cultivation (Watering,Transplanting, Cloning, Pruning, Defoliation, etc.)
  • Harvesting (Indoor or Outdoor Harvests)
  • Processing (Bucking, Dry & Wet Trimming*, Trim-Machine Operating, Weighing, Packaging, Labeling, etc.)
  • Traceability (BioTrack, GrowFlow, MJ Freeway, Leaf, Mister Kraken, etc.)
  • Clean-Up & Sanitation (Sanitation, General Clean-Up, Usually Entails "Indoor & Outdoor Setup")

*Our individual trimmers can successfully trim an average of 1.25 pounds per day (8 hours) of dry or wet trimming. 

If you do not see a specific service listed here, please inquire with us and we will gladly do our best to accommodate your needs.

How We Save You Time, Money, & Headaches

Say farewell to the cost of interviewing, training, replacing workers, payroll, taxes, insurance, and overtime hours! Simply call The Harvest Company today for a team of experts to arrive the next day. We are licensed and authorized by Washington State Labor & Industries (L&I) as well as Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board (WSLCB) to provide our employees to your I-502 compliant farm.

The Harvest Company team members are highly knowledgeable regarding the industry compliance standards in Washington State. We guarantee our confidentiality as well, all of our team members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement so that your business stays private.

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